Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shoot! Share! Socialize! Join MPEG Today!

MPEG is a “Group” of Midwest Photography Enthusiasts of all skill levels!  MPEG is NOT a camera club.  There are no photo contests. There are no Club officers.

MPEG was designed BY photography enthusiasts FOR photography enthusiasts.

MPEG is for midwest photographers who (A) want the opportunity to shoot the best photo op spots in the midwest region (B) want to have a place to share their photos and (C) want to socialize with their fellow midwest photographers. 

Teach, Learn, Share and Socialize!

Where do you go to quickly find out the hot photo op spots? Where do you go to ask photographers in these areas the best places to shoot?  You go to The MPEG Forums to get the information you need to have a successful photography experience!

Image by Valorie Snell.